Discover How Animals Can Benefit From CBD Supplements

As more people are discovering the benefits of CBD oil and supplements they are wanting to know if it might also be helpful and healthy for their pet.

Many are wondering if it can relieve pain and anxiety in there cats and dogs in much the same way that it does in people. Here we will take a look at how animals can benefit from CBD supplements.

Is It Scientifically Proven To Be Safe For Pets?

As this supplement is still being tested in humans it has even fewer tests and studies that have been done on the effects it might have on pets. Even so, the studies that have been done have found CBD is completely safe for the use in pets. In addition to the few studies that have been done, there are many pet owners who are talking about the positive results they’re getting with their pets using CBD oil.

It is currently illegal in the US for a veterinarian to give pets medical marijuana. But CBD oil and supplements are not marijuana and have no THC. This means that there is no psychoactive component in the supplement. We do know that just like in humans, there are cannabinoid receptors in animals. Dogs are known to be able to metabolize cannabinoids but they do it differently from people.

Dogs in particular, when given CBD have it react with the CB1 and 2 receptors lightly but it does so for a longer time frame than in humans. This means that they can get a longer-lasting therapeutic effect from the supplement. After CBD is processed by the animal’s body it is then passed through the digestive system.

Pet Supplement Companies Are Revving Up For Distribution

Because of all the mounting evidence of benefits pets can gain from taking the supplement, companies are betting big and preparing for distribution. The Veterinary Medical Association is encouraging research on the topic by the government. This was largely spurred on because of the many pet owners who sent them testimonies about the benefits they saw in their pets.

Are There Side Effects?

Because the research is limited, particularly in pets, there is always some risk of side effects. But there is now a growing community online that is reporting the positive effects their pets are experiencing by using CBD. So while that is not conclusive in itself, it does demonstrate a great propensity for being safe for pets.

Truth About Cannabis in Medicines

For some of us, there might be doubtful though of whether taking of cannabis is safe or not. Not to worry anymore, cannabis has been scientifically approved and medically cleared to be safe. It is used as a form of medicinal marijuana and a component in CBD oils which in return are very effective and pleasant in aiding some of known illnesses.

Cannabis undergo a thorough research to reach to the point where it can actually be taken as a medicine and helps a lot of people overcome their sickness. With the proper prescription and guidance, it can be very helpful and a big breakthrough in medical field.